THE RYDER – Description & Reviews

The Children’s Story – THE RYDER is an imaginative story of fantasy adventure.

The Ryder 2015 cover 5


If you enjoy children’s adventure stories, or children’s fantasy stories, The Ryder is a must read book.

Two of the main characters, David and Jessica, are visiting their grandparents’ farm in the Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada. Previously, they welcomed these visits with great enthusiasm, but this time it’s different. Things have changed.

Without warning, through a series of strange events, they are involved in an unusual and exciting children’s adventure in the land of Antoch, where dreams come true and life is never what you expect.

Will Jessica escape the lion’s den?

What will happen to David, trapped high up on the treacherous mountain, alone, face to face with the huge mountain cat?

Who is The Ryder, a man of mystery, who effects everyone he meets?

What inspired me to write, the children’s story – THE RYDER?

As a child growing up in a small Canadian prairie town, I loved to read. I could travel all over the world from the safety of a large stuffed armchair.

Our school library was so small I had read every book several times by the time I reached Grade 5.

Books had a tremendous impact on my intellectual life. Because of their impact on my life, I knew that books could impact others. I started to write in grade school. I created children’s fantasy stories with many characters and imaginative plots. Through my imagination I let them travel and experience many adventures.

As is apparent, I am particularly partial to children’s fantasy and/or children’s adventure stories.

My imagination didn’t stop when I grew up. I have read many stories to my own children and often thought that I too could write the children’s story that would capture the hearts of the young at heart.

After two years of writing courses, I eagerly embarked on my new adventure, writing and illustrating the children’s story – The Ryder. After months of hard work, this children’s adventure story was available in print.

What do educators say about the children’s story – THE RYDER?

“The characters come alive for the reader as they go through adventure after adventure. This is a book you won’t want to put down until you’ve read it all.,” Says Donna S., elementary teacher.

Ruth W, school librarian says, “The Ryder is an interesting fantasy that explores the concept of a spiritual journey within a context that is understandable to children.”

April P, teacher said her class read The Ryder and no one wanted the children’s adventure to end.

“It is a captivating novel with a fast paced plot and dramatic action which teaches life changing lessons that only he (The Ryder) can teach to the story’s three dimensional characters.”

“The Ryder, a children’s adventure, fantasy story, can be comprehended at many levels, but will be particularly enjoyable to grades 4 to 7” Writer, editor, filmmaker, W.W. .

This children’s adventure story … “is an exciting, action-packed fantasy adventure story for children and adults alike. The characters come alive for the reader as they go through adventure after adventure. The Ryder is a book you won’t want to put down until you’ve read it all,” says Donna S, elementary teacher.

What do kids say about the children’s story – THE RYDER?

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was when I started getting feedback from the students.

Dear Carrie Wachsmann

I am a big fan of yours. I have just finished reading your book, The Ryder, which I borrowed from my teacher. Thank you for writing this wonderful book. Would you please send me a copy it. Also, would you please autograph my book for me.

Your biggest fan ever,

Marlin T grade 4

This book is a great, imaginative story, full of adventures and fantasy.

Heather. 12 years old

I really enjoyed The Ryder because of all the battles and suspenseful moments throughout the story. I have always like suspenseful stories.

Luke. 12 years

I think this is a great book. I found it very interesting and the pictures are great. Don’t miss this exciting book.

Jonathan. 12 years

I liked the way Mrs. Wachsmann foreshadowed things that would happen later and the way The Ryder would always come when everything seemed like all is lost and the enemy seemed to have won.

Lindsey 12 years

I like the book because something exciting always happens in each chapter.

Andy age 11

I like the fact that when you stop reading the book and it ends, you just want it to keep going.

Curtis 12 years

I liked this story because it was easy to read. It’s a story of all ages. You’re not too young to read it and you’re not too old to read it. The story itself was a fairy tale but it had a point and I liked that Mrs. Wachsmann has a good way with words and it shows. I really enjoyed the Ryder and I look forward to the next adventure with David and Jessica

Erin age 12

Each time I read the comments from one of my readers, I am inspired to write and to keep on writing. Thank you readers.

I am very pleased that the children’s story, The Ryder is now available in Ebook form. This project was both fun to tackle and very rewarding. This time around I was able to add some illustrations created with Photoshop and my Wacom Tablet.

I suggest that the children’s story – The Ryder is:

Well suited for family reading

Recommended as a book study in the classroom

A great read for the young at heart,

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