Chuzzle’s Incredible Journey

Chuzzle's Incredible Journey © Cover 2016

Chuzzle’s Incredible Journey © Cover 2016


By Minde Wachsmann & Carrie Wachsmann

Chuzzle, a young adventurous porcupine with many endearing qualities, embarks on a journey to find his dear friend Whuzzle. Chuzzle and Whuzzle used to play together everyday when they were neighbors. Then Whuzzle and her family moved far away, past the Little Stream, through the Deep Forest, beyond the Blue Pond, and up the Giant Big Hill.

Chuzzle missed Whuzzle very much. One day, saying goodbye to his parents, Chuzzle packed his lunch and bravely embarked on an incredible journey.

This book is filled with many delightful illustrations, such as the ones below, and is sure to captivate the little listener’s attention.


Chuzzle hiding from Mr. Red Fox


How will Chuzzles escape Big Bad Beast Bear? 

Beavers closeup 4

What are Mr. & Mrs. Beaver up to now?


Chuzzle finally finds his dear friend Wuzzle.

Chuzzle’s Incredible Journey,  is written for ages pre-school to Grade Two.

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